Saturday, December 13, 2008

police on my back

I was supposed to have today off but got asked to work this evening. I need the money, so I said "yes."

My start time was 6 PM, so I left the house at 5:30 PM, which in this here northern hemisphere at this time of year means that it's dark already.

I was almost to my workplace - about a mile from it - and traveling in the left-hand lane on my side when a cop pulled behind me.

The scene:
  • I'm on Gallatin Road, a city street.
  • There are two lanes of traffic on either side of the street.
  • There is a turn lane in the middle of the street.
The police cruiser then moved closer to me and turned on the ol' flashing lights. It didn't look like the cop was trying to pull me over, and rush hour traffic meant I was in no danger of speeding, so I concluded that he had just gotten a call and wanted to pass me. Since I had traffic in the lane on my right, I simply slowed down. The turn lane to our left was completely clear, so he could have easily gone into that lane to get around me.

Instead, he pulled closer and stayed behind me. Even though he didn't have his siren on, I then figured "well, he's pulling me over." I slowed down more and he still didn't pass me. I tried to look at the cop to see if he was signaling me, but since it was dark outside, I couldn't tell.

So, still thinking I'm being pulled over, I put on my right turn signal, and cut through the lane of traffic to my right, and then on to the shoulder. In the dark. In rush hour. Because a cop has on his flashing lights and is all up in my tailpipe and seems to want me to pull over.

And the cop didn't follow me. He stayed in the lane we were in, turned off his flashing lights, and went on up Gallatin Road with no sense of alacrity whatsoever.

To which I can only say: huh?


Brainmine said...

Think of this dude like a tanking paladin who rolls need on a libram that is clearly meant for a holy paladin. There are jerks of every class! *insert evil nerd-like laughter*

I'm sorry that your car now smells like ammonia. If it makes you feel better, you can pretend that he was pulling you over for one of your many nefarious deeds, but got a call for something more exciting and decided to let you off the hook.

Steve said...

For some reason, I'm thinking of the Christmas novelty "Police Stop My Car"..