Friday, October 10, 2008

bring us your hirsute toys

Actual sign, McGavock Pike, 10/10/2008

I'm relieved that Nashville Barbies can now get their peach fuzz removed. And that they don't have to make an appointment for it!

Incidentally, this place is at least consistent with their apostrophes; it's "PERFECTION'S" not only on this changeable copy sign, but on the permanent sign affixed above the door.


2fs said...

There's a sign saying BOB "HAIR PERFECTION" SMITH, PROPRIETOR inside, right?

villain said...

Wow, that is some weird grammar. I wonder if neighborhood parents threaten their kids. "You better be good or I'll take you to Hair Perfection's ... and they're gonna cut you, maaan! They're gonna cut you with a TOY!!"